IVONDING Applications

(1) ISDN Telephone Socket

Circuit Formation by IVONDING

Assembled Part

(2) Moisture Sensor

Processed Part by IVONDING

Moisture Alarm at Low Content in Flower Pot

Molded Part , IVONDING Processed, Assembled

(3) Signal Generator for Diesel Engin

Processed Part by IVONDING

Assembled Part

(4) Shaft Encoder of Centrifuge

Assembled Part of Shaft Encoder

Continuously Molded Component

Circuit Board with Electric Devices

(5) Head Rest of Car / Servomotor Unit

Old Version Assembled

Old Version: Printed Circuit Board, Connector, Adapter

New Version by IVONDING (Unified to One Piece)

(6) Battery Housing

(7) LED Lamp Unit

LED Lamp Case

Formation of Circuit Pattern on the Case

Assembled Part

(8) Dashboard Switch ( Power Window of Car )

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